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Agribot : My Farming Friend

Agribot, developed by Agro Engineers, is an innovative solution to simplify agricultural operations. Equipped with a rotating arm, webcam, and soil moisture sensor, Agribot assists farmers in periodically monitoring crop conditions, detecting infections, and maintaining optimal soil moisture levels. This remarkable technology reduces the need for manual labor by providing remote control capabilities, enabling farmers to efficiently manage their fields from a computer with ease.

By using PictoBlox software, programming the Arduino, and using Object Detection (ML) to create models, the Agro Engineers team was able to program their robot to monitor the field. It also can detect water requirements and plant infections with its webcam and moisture detection sensor. As a result, it greatly reduces the need for manual labor and waste of crop yields.

In the future, this team plans to make its project more portable, so farmers can access it across the globe. They are also aiming to make it more compact, to maximize the area for crops, and to incorporate the use of pesticides in a controlled way.

The Agro Engineers have come up with a revolutionary solution that is sure to benefit farmers around the world.

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