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Learn Multiplication Tables Easily with TimesTableTutor

Students often find it hard to learn multiplication tables, especially when solving big multiplication questions. To solve this pressing problem, Swara Shah from Orbis School in India created a project, Times Table Tutor, which makes learning easy and fun. The program combines audio and visual processes to enable students to master multiplication skills with confidence and efficiency.

The program is built using PictoBlox, a renowned graphical programming environment. The Blocks used are Sensing, events, control, text to Speech Blocks, and Operators Block Palette. The program allows users to input any number whose multiplication table needs to be learned. Once entered, the program displays visuals and speaks the table, out loud.

For example, if a user enters ‘8’ as the timetable to learn, the program will speak along with a visual representation: 8 by 1 equals 8, 8 by 2 equals 16, and so on. The Text to Speech Extension uses Amazon Web Services to output synthesized speech. Furthermore, the Music Extension allows users to compose music in projects.

TimesTableTutor is a revolutionary way of learning multiplication tables hassle-free. Swara Shah hopes that this project will revolutionize the way students learn times tables.

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