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Go Safe Arrive Safe – An Innovative Solution for Safer Driving

Go Safe Arrive Safe created by a 10th-grade student of Chancellor’s Little School which implements PictoBlox technology to increase road safety. This system monitors the driver’s eyes for evidence of drowsiness, allowing them to make smarter decisions while driving.

By utilizing the machine learning blocks and text-to-speech feature in PictoBlox, the system actively issues warnings to drivers when their eyes are closed. Additionally, it recognizes traffic lights and answers calls. This project aims to prevent accidents, avoid financial losses for companies and traders, and make life easier.

To use this system, the user should actively place the camera within 20 centimeters of the driver’s eyes while they keep their eyes open. The driver should make a happy face if they want to answer and a sad face if they want to decline it. When the user clicks the start button, the system will begin monitoring the driver’s eyes and navigation.

Go Safe Arrive Safe is the future of transportation systems. It can save lives, offer greater convenience and make our planet a better place.

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