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ClimateSense: A Smart Weather Detector

In the era of advanced technology, meteorologists, farmers, pilots, sailors, and anyone who relies on weather information needs accurate and real-time data in order to better understand and predict weather patterns. To improve the existing weather-detecting methods, Sarath Sebastian from India has developed a project named ‘ClimateSense’—a smart weather detector that measures and records crucial atmospheric parameters such as pressure, sunset and sunrise times, humidity levels, and temperature.

This project uses PictoBlox, a graphical programming language, with some additional extensions such as the Text to Speech, WeatherData, and IFTTT Webhooks library. The Text to Speech extension helps the project explain the weather parameters, such as pressure, humidity, and temperature. The WeatherData extension helps the project to get the weather data of any place on the earth with Open Weather API and the IFTTT extension helps to send data to the cloud using IFTTT Webhooks.

When the project runs, it measures and records the pressure level, sunset and sunrise time, humidity, and temperature. Additionally, the user can receive a message on their phone when the pressure and humidity levels go high or when the pressure and temperature levels go low.

Overall, ClimateSense is an innovative project that tries to bridge human-computer interaction with the convenience of real-time weather data to predict weather patterns. Its impactful potential can significantly aid meteorologists and other professionals who rely on weather data.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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