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Smart Parking System: A Proof of Concept

Students from Team Tech have developed a concept for a Smart Parking System which makes parking easier for people. It is a hardware-based project using IR sensors, a servo motor, an LCD display, Evive boards, and an Arduino UNO. The system uses Victor Blocks to allow communication between the different components and make it easier to code.

When a person nears the parking area, the LCD will display the number of slots available. After entering the area, an LED module points the person in the direction of the empty space. For this project, the variables “Total Slots” and “Left”, which hold the value of total slots, were set to nine in the code. The project also has digital sensors connected to the gate as well as the parking slots. There are three rows, left, right, and front. For each row, there are two sensors for the left row, one sensor for the right row, and five for the front row.

The gate sensor senses an object, causing a decrease in the “Left” variable by one, and setting the servo motor to 90 degrees to open the gate. After the car enters, the LED module then shows directions. After the car leaves, the “Left” variable is increased by one, and the servo is set to 0 degrees. If the “Left” value gets to zero, the LCD will display “No Space Left”.

The Smart Parking System is a simple yet effective way to make parking easier for people.

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