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George’s Arduino-based Wildfire Detection System for Palestine Wildlife and Green Spaces

George Said from Palestine has created an ingenious Arduinobased wildfire detection and alert system to protect wildlife and green spaces in Palestine. With the increasing risk of forest and bushfires, the system uses gas sensors to detect the presence of fire in surrounding green areas. The system detects a wildfire and promptly sends an alarm to the Palestine Civil Defence and Medical Center. This ensures swift action and safeguards the environment and potential victims.

The project has been developed using the PictoBlox coding platform and various blocks. Communication blocks enable serial connections to the Evive and Arduino boards. Sensor blocks enable the Evive and Arduino boards to take readings from connected sensors. Actuator blocks allow for the controlling of DC Motors and Servos through the Arduino and Evive boards. The TexttoSpeech library provides the capability for outputting synthesized speech and the Dabble extension allows communication between the Evive and other Arduino boards.

Georges approach to creating a safe environment with the utilization of robotics and Artificial Intelligence demonstrates how young minds can generate innovative solutions to realworld problems.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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