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Clean the World – An Interactive Game Promoting Hygiene and Healthy Eating for Children

Get ready to embark on an exciting new gaming adventure withClean the World! Created by Lina Mahmoud from Turkey, this interactive game is aimed at educating children about the importance of hygiene and healthy eating in their lives. In theKill Bacteria level, the game guides players through the process of eliminating harmful viruses from their surroundings. TheHealthy Eating level teaches players about making nutritious food choices for their well-being. Along the way, a friendly virtual doctor provides key advice and insights.

PictoBlox uses Control, Events, and Text-to-Speech extensions to make this project work. Text to Speech extension facilitates synthesized speech. Using the control blocks, this project runs in a systematic fashion. Events blocks are related to various triggers within the project.

Clean the World project is not only fun and educative for young minds, but also helps children develop a sense of care and responsibility for their environment.

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