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Touchless Vending Machine – A Safer Shopping Experience Amidst Covid-19

o combat Covid-19 transmission risks, a team of innovators from Turkey came up with a unique solution- a touchless vending machine! The system uses face recognition technology and hand gestures to initiate the process. Customers can select their desired product without touching the machine. The project was created by Günes İkizceli with the help of PictoBlox – which uses Face Detection, Text to Speech, Actuators of evive & Arduino, Sensors of evive and Arduino, Dabble, Display Modules of evive & Arduino, and Arduino – Uno, Nano & Mega.

The team designed a system which does not require the person to touch anything for operation. They used facial recognition technology to initiate the process. Customers can simply select their desired product by showing gesture and confirming it. People don’t have to insert coins or notes as the balance is centrally controlled by the system. The selected product is delivered with the help of actuators programmed with PictoBlox.


PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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