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FindIt – Lost and Found Tracker

Introducing FindIt – the Lost and Found Tracker. Aviral and Ridhima created this mobile application using PictoBlox, a graphical programming software used for robotics, AI, and more. Their project aims to solve the problem of missing people in India. They do it by incorporating advanced features such as face recognition, location tracking, and a user-friendly interface. It benefits both law enforcement and individuals searching for missing persons.

Users can report a missing person, submit the location, and enter relevant details on the app. The app offers universal accessibility, allowing users to switch to their preferred language. Additionally, if the face in the uploaded image matches an existing record on the app, it promptly notifies the finder, the police station, and the person who reported the missing individual.

Designed to streamline the process of tracking lost individuals, the app exemplifies how STEM education can actively contribute to addressing real-world challenges. Aviral and Ridhima’s project demonstrates the practical application of technology in solving pressing issues.

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