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Sleep Matters: A Revolutionary Solution for Peaceful Sleep

The project incorporates multiple sensors that detect the baby’s movements, sounds, and wetness. When the baby wakes up or becomes uncomfortable, the smart bed springs into action. It emits gentle vibrations, soothing lights, and comforting music, helping the baby to fall back asleep. This intelligent system not only promotes better sleep for babies but also provides peace of mind to the mother.

The smart bed is equipped with a wide range of sensors, including a wetness sensor, sound sensor, and motion sensor. These sensors connect to the mother’s mobile device, sending real-time notifications about the baby’s sleep patterns and well-being. Additionally, a servo motor is used to provide subtle vibrations, while a built-in speaker emits sleep-inducing sounds.

With the project, parents can ensure that their little ones enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep, while also staying informed about their sleep quality and overall health.

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