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Facilitating the Lives of the Needy: Helping Paralysis and Deaf and Dumb People Express Their Needs

This project aids people with paralysis and hearing/speech impairments in expressing their needs quickly. Using PictoBlox and image classification, it recognizes poses to detect the required assistance. The idea arose from the creator’s conversations with their cousin, who found it challenging to communicate and express needs. This system facilitates communication for the deaf, mute, and paralyzed individuals. With an estimated 5.4 million suffering from paralysis and 72 million deaf individuals, the project has the potential to help a vast number of people. The system uses a webcam for those with paralysis and body movements for the deaf and mute. Demonstrations included translations like “I feel pain,” “close the door,” “I’m hungry,” “Thanks,” “I need food,” and “I don’t like it.” Brahim appreciates your viewership and bids goodbye.

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