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Conquer your Enemies in Epic Battle Arena Game | PictoBlox

Step into the world of Epic Battle Arena! Conquer your enemies in this thrilling, actionpacked fighting game and prove your prowess. Developed using the PictoBlox drag-and-drop graphical programming software. This game brings back all the intensity and excitement of classic fighting games.

Choose your warrior and face off against hordes of enemies that pop up randomly in each level, testing your combat skills. Take down your foes with swift and precise moves to score points and climb the leaderboard. Gain recognition among your peers as you showcase your skills in the game.

Built using PictoBloxs Looks, Control, Events, and Variables blocks, this game enables you to customize the gameplay and stage. In the game, you can assign specific tasks to a sprite for engaging in fights. Tasks like ‘moving up’, ‘moving down’, ‘moving left’, and ‘moving right’ can be assigned. This allows every character to succeed or fail in the arena based on your commands.

Level 2 starts with a timer, where you have one minute to complete the game and rack up points. Reach the score of 1000 and take the crown of victory. So what are you waiting for download the PictoBlox file and get ready for battle.

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