PictoBlox Machine Learning Troubleshooting

Explore troubleshooting techniques specifically tailored to machine learning projects in PictoBlox, the graphical programming software. This module will provide you with essential troubleshooting techniques to effectively debug your machine learning code and ensure accurate and reliable results.

How to access the ML environment?

If your PictoBlox coding environment is set to default then PictoBlox will ask you every time you open the Pictoblox to choose the environment and you can select the ML environment.

If you are already in the coding environment and wish to open the ML environment, please go to File and you will see the last option Open ML Environment click on it and open your ML environment.

What are the dependencies for Python programming?

Python dependencies are external packages or modules that are required for a Python program to run and perform its intended functionality.


How to change the folder location for saved files? 

To change the default directory,

Please go to the file and click on Open, a window will pop up You will see 3 options as shown in the image below.

Select the Change the directory option and choose your desired folder as the default directory.


How to change the language for ML Environment?

ML Environment is only available in the English language, for now, our team will be working on more languages.


Why PictoBlox failed to load ML projects?

Make sure your PictoBlox is running smoothly, and terminate all unnecessary background processes.

Do not interrupt the training process for the ML model.

If your issue still persists, please write us at support@thestempedia.com


How to analyze the test result?

Depending on the classifier we are using, you can test the trained model with a Camera, images, Mic, and Voice notes as per the trained model.


What is the learning rate?

In machine learning, the learning rate is a hyperparameter that determines the step size at which an optimization algorithm updates the weights of a model during training. It is a crucial parameter to tune since a high learning rate can cause the model to overshoot the optimal solution, while a low learning rate can result in slow convergence.


What is the file extension of ML projects?

The structure will be saved in a JSON file, you can download the zip file from the project options.


How to get the teachable machine link from the project file?

You have to save the .tm file and use it later. You can load the saved file in the teachable machine and open the classes as well to modify.


How to share ML projects along with the trained model?

If you have loaded the trained model in the PictoBlox. then, you can share the .sb3 file or link directly.


Is EV3 compatible with ML extension?

No AI & ML extension is available for EV3 for now, you can explore Quarky for AI, ML, Robotics, and IoT-based extensions.


How many classes can be added for model training?

According to your application, you can add as many classes as you want.


How many sample images are required for the training?

The training for the model is based on sample images, We can get more accuracy with a larger number of sample images. Try to add as many as you can add.

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