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Travel Through the World with Vasu, The Travel Agent

Vasu – The Travel Agent is an interactive robot guide created using PictoBlox software to explore the world through Artificial Intelligence. It offers information about more than 25 countries from all the major continents. Followed by a fun quiz that includes MCQs and other textual questions. The quiz also keeps track of the score of the participants. The project has implemented Text to Speech and Control Extension blocks. The Text to Speech Extension allows the project to output synthesized speech, powered by Amazon Web Services. The Control blocks, give the project a basic structure and enable the program to run in the desired fashion.

Vasu greets the user with the message saying “Hello dear, I am Vasu your travel agent, and let us travel around the world together,” before checking if the user is wearing a mask according to the COVID-19 guidelines. After successfully verifying, the robot initiates the tour and presents the user with a world map.

The quiz includes multiple-choice questions and a few textual questions, and the control panel displays the score. For example, the second question in the quiz was to identify the official language of Japan and the correct answer is Japanese.

The user can select the continent, and answers are given accordingly. For example, if the user selects North America, then the robot provides information about Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico in order.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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