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Smart Parking Tower – A Solar-Powered Solution for Parking in Crowded Places

The smart parking tower stands out for its reliance on solar power, utilizing a large solar-powered motor for operation. This clean and sustainable energy source reduces the carbon footprint and ensures continuous functionality, even in areas with limited electrical power access.

Various sensors are incorporated into the tower to optimize the parking process. Color sensors efficiently read parking codes, facilitating the identification and allocation of parking spaces. A distance sensor detects the presence of cars in front of the tower, ensuring safe entry and exit. Additionally, a gate control mechanism enables seamless car movement control.

At the heart of the system is the EV3 Board, programmed with PictoBlox. Through precise programming, the EV3 Board controls distance, brightness, and motor position, ensuring smooth operation and efficient space utilization.

By harnessing renewable energy, employing advanced sensors, and optimizing parking positions, this smart parking tower effectively tackles the challenge of parking in crowded areas. It offers a sustainable and convenient solution for overcoming parking difficulties.

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