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Learn Electronics Components and Circuit Design with STEMpedia’s Electronics Connect

Experience the unique project “Electronics Connect” using PictoBlox, exploring electronic components and circuit design with AI assistance. PictoBlox extensions like Text to Speech, Actuators-Evive, Arduino, and Sensors-Evive enable digital component selection and exercises for understanding electronic technology.

The project consists of two levels: level one and level two. Users learn circuit creation, answer questions, and correctly apply components for circuit functionality. Level two focuses on understanding diode connections and component orientations for proper circuit operation.

The project encompasses three segments: resistor, texture switch, and diode. A resistor regulates the current, adjusts signals, divides voltages, biases elements, and terminates transmission lines. A capacitor stores electrical energy, and a diode enables current to flow in one direction.

STEMpedia’s Codeavour 2021 project equips learners with knowledge and skills in electronic components and circuit design. Engage in this active learning experience to enhance your understanding of electronic technology.

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