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Hybrid AgroFusion: Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in India

AgroFusion: Advancing Hybrid Agricultural Technology is a project developed by Divit Kumar, a 7th grader from Vikas Bharti Public School. In India, most of the farmers have less than two hectares of land with only 46% suitable for agricultural purposes. Our project is cost-effective and will help farmers produce more yields from land they own. It is equipped with solar panel technology to charge the onboard batteries for energy efficiency and sustainability. Also, it is capable of performing multiple agricultural tasks such as ploughing, sowing seeds, field covering, and pesticide spraying.

The project utilizes PictoBlox software and includes two extensions – Display Modules and Dabble. The former helps to control the various display modules like evive and Arduino. Through the Dabble extension, evive and other Arduino boards communicate.

We have designed the prototype with 24W 7Ah DC motor-operated spray and a single cultivator feed tank. Additionally, it also contains safe plug and play options for charging. Moreover, the Agrobot is a versatile machine, capable of performing things like feeding, carrying goods, pestafying, cultivation, etc.

The project is economical and will help small-scale farmers earn more by reducing their expenditures and maximizing crop production. We are estimating that the components would cost around INR 8,000–9,000, assembling cost INR 14,000–16,000, and the product cost INR 22,000–25,000. We also plan collaboration with agriculture Industries for optimization of the core production process and to maintain the supply. Ultimately, our goal is to launch a new version that will be able to cover larger areas like 4-8 hectares.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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