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Agriculture Season Guide: Explore and Learn the Best Crops for Each Season

This interesting agriculture season guide will help you discover the secrets of successful farming throughout the year. The application educates users on the four growing seasons and the crops associated with each season. Users can click on the plant of their interest to obtain valuable insights on planting, nurturing, and harvesting. This application caters to seasoned farmers and inexperienced gardeners alike, providing essential information for successful cultivation.

Using PictoBlox, Mariem has created this comprehensive project with the help of the following Library and Extension blocks: Control blocks to manage the project flow, Events blocks to run the various triggers in a project, Text to Speech to output synthesized speech and Looks blocks to manage the appearance of the sprites and the stage. From Kiwi to Hazelnut, the project provides detailed instructions to get started.This is the menu I will show you, Mariem says as she proceeds to share her project. With this project, Mariem brings an interesting way to learn more about plant harvesting and essentially serving the environment.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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