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DiGi.TECH: An AI-Powered Digital Teacher to Simplify Complex Concepts

Through its animations, games, AI features, and cutting-edge technologies including natural language processing, object detection, and text-to-speech, DiGi.TECH simplifies complex concepts and engages students in personalized learning.
The main menu of the project has two options – “The Little Red Moon” and “The Flash”. The Little Red Moon is an animation that tells the story of a little gray moon who is sad until a little boy discovers it and guards it against the pollution on the Earth. The Flash is a game that tests the student’s knowledge of the concepts discussed earlier. After playing the game, students get their final score, and depending on their performance they can either play again or go back.
DiGi.TECH is also equipped with a Digital Mapping feature. It helps find the places with water scarcity and the rainwater harvesting feature which shows the details on how to harvest water. The Wildlife Preservation section has tzhe Red Data Book with information on various animals and the Recycle section contains tips to recycle. The Digital Clinic section has an audio option to call up the doctor to diagnose a person’s symptoms and the First Aid section has all the necessary equipment and tips. Finally, the Learn section helps to learn various details about medicine.

This project by Andrea Colaco using PictoBlox, harnesses the power of technology and AI to address some of the biggest challenges of the educational sector. From automating routine tasks to providing personalized attention, DiGi.TECH can assist teachers and professors to deliver lessons effectively while making the learning process fun and engaging for students.


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