Creating Humanoid Dance Sequences

Example Description
Learn the steps required to create a Humanoid dance sequence. This guide covers a Humanoid robot and refining the sequence to create an engaging and entertaining performance.


A Humanoid dance sequence is a set of programmed instructions that allows a Humanoid robot to perform a dance routine. Typically, these sequences involve a combination of movements and actions performed by the robot in a coordinated manner, to create an entertaining and engaging dance performance.

The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Define the dance moves
  2. Sequence the moves
  3. Program the robot
  4. Test and refine

Creating a Humanoid dance sequence involves a combination of creativity, technical skill, and attention to detail, and can result in an engaging and entertaining performance that showcases the capabilities of robotic technology.



  1. Drag and drop set pin RHip () Lhip () RFooot () LFoot () RHand () LHand() block from the Humanoid extension – This block is used to set the pins of the robot to control its movement.
  2. Initialize Humanoid will be in the home position – This means that at the start of the program, the Humanoid robot will be in its default position.
  3. Drag and drop forever loop for a continuous loop – This is a programming construct that ensures that the code inside the loop is executed continuously.
  4. The first display will have some light and then it will play sound and do some action for a specific time and specific speed – This is not explicitly described in the given code, but it could refer to displaying some LED lights and playing some sound effects as the robot performs a specific action, which could involve movement in a certain direction with a particular speed.
  5. Then drag and drop the repeat block to repeat the block for a specific time – This block is used to repeat a particular action a specific number of times or for a particular period with do() action() times at () speed block.
  6. Then drag and drop different actions for a specific time with a specific speed – This could refer to performing a series of different movements or actions, each with a specific duration and speed with do() action() times at () speed block.


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