PictoBlox Python Troubleshooting

Explore troubleshooting techniques for Python programming in PictoBlox, the graphical programming software for Quarky. While Python offers immense flexibility and power for coding, it can sometimes lead to errors or unexpected outcomes.

How to install libraries in Python?

No additional libraries need to be added to the Python coding environment.

Note: The user is not allowed to add the library directly.


Is it possible to program Arduino using Python IDE?

No, the PictoBlox Python environment is only available for Quarky Board.


Is Quarky programmable with Python IDE?

Quarky required different libraries to run, those are only available in the PictoBlox software.


How to modify Quarky functions?

Sorry, the user is not allowed to make any changes in the library.

You can create your own function to make it work as per your requirements.


Is it possible to run the PictoBlox script in Python IDE?

Sorry, as Pictoblox is using multiple extensions and those require different libraries so running the PictoBlox script in Python IDE is not available for now.


What extensions are available for Python?

All the extensions are available based on AI, ML, Robotics, and IoT.


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