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PictoSpot: Intelligent Parking Slot Identifier

Have you ever faced trouble finding an empty parking slot in a huge mall? This was the problem that a 10-year-old student from Ambassador CBSE School Sharjah solved with his project: The Empty Parking Slot Identifier. Powered by AI, the project utilizes advanced algorithms as well as video summarization to quickly and accurately detect empty parking spaces. It serves users with real-time parking availability information, optimizing the entire experience and reducing the time taken to find a spot.

The Empty Parking Slot Identifier works through coding each of the fourteen cars as well as two parking areas–a to G and one to seven–into the PictoBlox software. With the text-to-speech extension (provided by Amazon), the project can give out vocal updates such as “Parking slot C is free”, or “Parking slot 7 is free” should the corresponding lot be vacant.

The Empty Parking Slot Identifier is an important initiative to reduce the wastage of time and resources facing this problem. With this project, the student hopes to make finding a parking space easier and provide a practical solution to the growing traffic issue.

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