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KKIS Healthcare Center – Revolutionizing Healthcare with Robotics and AI

KIKIS Healthcare Center has revolutionized healthcare by combining robotics and AI. This innovative facility enhances patient care and safety using PictoBlox and Arduino programming. A robot, equipped with DC motors and wheels, aids in quality and safety measures. The reception program, utilizing PictoBlox with Makey Makey, greets and directs guests. This advanced technology transforms healthcare, providing a more personalized patient experience.

The robot is programmed to deliver supplies, reducing healthcare workers’ repetitive tasks and maintaining accuracy. With PictoBlox and Arduino extensions, sensors and actuators enable the robot to recognize numbered cards in clinics, distinguishing between different tasks. Additionally, the reception program independently welcomes visitors and guides them to their required room.

KKIS Healthcare Center bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and cutting-edge technology, ultimately improving patient experience and safety. This integration of robotics, AI, and programming transforms the way we perceive healthcare, setting new standards for personalized care and advanced automation.

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