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Health Mate – Your Personal Health Companion

Health Mate – Your Personal Health Companion is an integrated hardware and software project.  It uses the latest IoT and AI technologies to assist the elderly in proper medication management. This project ensures the elderly no longer have to worry about remembering their medication appointments or forgetting to take the right medicine. It is a combination of mechanical devices, the connection between healthcare providers and elderly individuals, and a message notification system.

The mechanical device has a pill dispenser that allows it to select the right medicine from a designated box. It is equipped with Arduino, servo motors, sensors, and a software program. It sends a message to the nurse every quarter hour. This system ensures the elderly take the right medication at the right time and increases medication adherence.

The team used PictoBlox extensions such as text-to-speech to enable voice commands, robots for controlling robot movements, line followers for tracking lines, and motor and servo controls for operating various components.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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