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Automatic Mask Dispenser – Easy and Convenient Access to Masks Anytime, Anywhere

Savit Kumar from India created an Automatic Mask Dispenser to make masks easily and conveniently available. The project is part of the Codeavour 2021 international competition. The dispenser is designed to provide either N95 or surgical masks at a cost-effective price. The dispenser is also easy to operate and is a great way to encourage mask-wearing.

The dispenser consists of three main components: a servo motor, an Arduino Uno, and an IR sensor stored in a coin receiver box. After a second, the servo motor turns back to 45 degrees and closes the box.

The code on the Arduino Uno is based on an IF-ELSE statement that reads the IR sensor. When the sensor detects something, the servo motor turns to 135 degrees, allowing the mask to fall. After a second, the servo motor goes back to 45 degrees, closing the box up. With this code, anyone can drop a 10 rupee coin in and get an N95 mask and a 5 rupee coin will get

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