Best Higher Secondary School ATL Day

Best Higher Secondary School Ahmedabad Atal Tinkering Workshop Competition and Exhibition-41-0309922a
STEMpedia conducted three workshops and two competitions at Best High School’s year-end Maker Event. These included Balloon Popping Robot, Soccer Robot, and Internet of Things workshops. The aim was to engage students in practical STEM applications, enhancing skills in robotics and IoT. This initiative not only provided hands-on learning experiences but also aimed to inspire future innovation and participation in technology-driven competitions and projects.
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KLE English School, Solapur
Nipani, Karnataka, India
July 1, 2023
National English School, Thane
Thane, Maharashtra, India
June 10, 2023
Carmel Convent High School J&K
Gangyal, Jammu and Kashmir, India
September 6, 2022